We know, with our tightening economy, it is more difficult than ever to give to everyone on your Christmas list. But how do you exclude anyone you love?

We understand your quandary and Cheap Joe’s wants to help. So, we’re making a list of great gifts for $1, $2, $3 or under $4 and we want you to check it out and check it twice! These are not just things that you put up on a shelf and dust off occasionally. These are all useful supplies that any artist or crafter, in your life, can use every day! We have on our list, materials for every medium -oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, drawing and crafters, too! These great suggestions can be just the thing for a budding new artist or staples for the everyday painter. These gifts will also make you the object of their affection for a very long time! You may even receive an original work of art from one of the special artists on your list!

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For the Watercolor Artist-

Remember, all of these wonderful ideas are only $1, $2, $3, or UNDER $4!

For the Oil Artist-

Mix and Match and still spend only a few dollars for each of the special artists on your list!

For the Acrylic Artist-

There is so much to choose from no matter what the medium!
All at $1, $2, $3, or Under $4!

For the Pastel Artist-

Don’t forget to tell Santa and the elves about all the great choices we have for terrific stocking stuffers for any artist!

For the Sketching Artist-

Select several items and make a Gift Basket, or put everything in a Storage Box or Workshop Tote! Artists just love Art Stuff!

For the Craft Artist-

All of these items are below $4 at regular Cheap Joe’s prices. Our Holiday Sales Event is going on right now until the end of the year and many of these same items are at a further discount for the holidays! That means you can treat the artists on your Christmas list to a whole bunch of the finest art supplies you can find and still have money left over!

If your artist is particularly picking, you can also choose to purchase a Cheap Joe’s Gift Card in any amount you wish. Then, they can pick out what they want at their leisure through the catalog or online. This takes the all the guess work out of finding the right gift!

You may also have an artist on your list that has literally everything. If this is the case, you may wish to make a donation, on their behalf, to our Brushes For Vincent Program in any amount that you would like. This program provides art supplies for children’s groups in need. No matter what the reason, Cheap Joe’s tries to provide art supplies to those children who have none.

This holiday season may be the best opportunity you will ever have to make a difference in someone’s life. What better way to do that than to introduce a child to art! Take your loved one to an art museum, share an art class with them, get them started in a new medium. Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” I feel that exposing a child to art, while in their development years, is a sure fire way to help them remain creative throughout their lives.

Now that we have started your list, it is up to you to decide what great art stuff you can stuff in that special someone’s stocking!

In fact, “How much art stuff could an artist stuff, if an artist could stock a stocking full of art stuff from Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff?” Say that three times fast!

Happy Art Stuff Stocking Stuffer Day!

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