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  1. Sharon Flanagan
    Sharon Flanagan
    March 6, 2014 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    Thxs “Cheap Joes” for sharing this awesome presentation! WN products has always been my first choice except when I couldn’t swing the costs. Then I’ve been slowly checking out my most used colors of American Journey with great results.. my most recent try was to take part in your free brush pro-mo for purchase of 5 paints..which I couldn’t complete because I couldn’t remember my pass word. That upsets me so much I just give up. YUP I AM AN OLD BIRD! and just this year got serious that I can paint.
    MONALISA; I always enjoy your articles on this website..Keep up the great work; you guys are a major part of my finally getting serious before it’s too late. Had my first and only month long show at our local library. What a wonderful feeling from the comments of both patrons as well as librarians. So now I am struggling to get myself in gear to make small pictures/note cards for my grandson’s endeavor to raise funding for his eagle contrubition to our community..He is not allowed to ask for donations, so we are reaching out to our local friends and neighbors in many ways to support him. Joe, I’ll be in Charlotte last week of March & 1st wk of April..Any chance you’ll be demo-ing there at that time..Last time I was there, I missed you by a week. ha..Thanks again everybody…always check your offerings out.

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