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  1. Robert Sloan
    November 18, 2014 at 3:54 pm | Reply

    Alizarin and Ultramarine even without the addition of a touch of yellow or brown will often read as black in mass tone and in a painting, that deep violet is a much more vibrant alternative. It’s only when thinned or shaded up that you realize it’s not a neutral tint. In colored pencils, using Indigo and Sepia Prismacolor Premier creates a very jazzy black. Very dark complements layered in a translucent or transparent medium make lively blacks. Some colored pencils artists will use four or five different dark colors overlaid to get exactly the right black within a painting with a dark to black background.

    There is one black in India ink that separates out into the entire spectrum if dropped on a blotter or damp blotter. I remember the ink my dad used spreading out differentially into a beautiful complete spectrum. I wish I knew which black ink brand did that and how to get it to do so within a watercolor and mixed media painting, it would be a gorgeous effect to use intermittently.

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