Sterling Edwards

A Look Back At A Year Of Workshops At Cheap Joe’s

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15 Minutes of Painting

“I want to get back into painting, but I just don’t have the time.” I hear it every day. “Maybe... More »


You Binge and Then You Purge

I have a tendency to indulge in art supplies. To amass excess things I may never use and keep them... More »


Palette Magazine Issue #61 Sample

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Frank Webb Workshop Photo And Interview

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Sue Archer Workshop Photo & Interview

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Art Supply Basics Every Artist Should Have

If you search the internet you will no doubt find hundreds of sites with lists of art supplies that every... More »

Catalyst Tools

When Is A Brush Not A Brush?

When it is a Catalyst Tool from Princeton Artist Brush Company. Crafted from flexible silicone or hard nylon to allow... More »


Mary Ann Beckwith Mixed Media Workshop Photo

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Linda Daly Baker

Chat With Artist Linda Baker

                    An most interesting interview with artist Linda Baker. She really... More »